I Buy at Amazon

I use Amazon Prime for most of my retail purchases. I still go to the grocery store, because I choose to — although I could get Amazon Fresh delivered quite easily. Many in my building do. When I buy clothing, I usually go to one-of women’s shops, like Seattle’s Flying Shuttle. And I buy shoes at DSW. But all other retail, including books, comes to me from Amazon. I’m one of the reasons the downtown Seattle Macy’s is pretty empty of shoppers these days.

Retail is an anchor of urban downtown real estate, but in Rust Belt towns and cities, retail has also been the fallback for jobs lost in manufacturing.


Now those jobs too are going away — more than likely because, like me, people buy online.

Another source of jobs in rural America, local hospitals, will be hit hard if the current health care bill goes through. Many, facing reduced reimbursements and more uninsured people coming to the ER for care, will close.

Work, as we all know, is not only a source of income but a driver of personal dignity, sense of accomplishment, and self-esteem. Yet work as we know it is going away in far too many regions of the country. What are all of these out of work people going to do?

What about you? Is the job you do, or did for a living still viable? Have you had to change not only jobs but your whole field of endeavor? Was finding something else pretty easy, or not? Interested to hear your experience.

2 thoughts on “I Buy at Amazon

  1. Found a new DSW store while in Rochester. It’s on a very built-up Jefferson Rd-between East and West Henrietta Rds. Hooray – they still have a great selection!

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