Ramming Health Care Vote Through

Mitch McConnell is determined to have a health care vote this week, and he’s a master tactician. He may get the bill through, at which point the House will sign on and Trump will get his win.

By all accounts, a lot of Trump voters will be badly hurt — including millions of elderly in nursing homes for whom Medicaid pays the tab. Yet those same voters continue to support Trump, and believe his assurances that they will get more care for less money. They don’t see his empty promises as a pipe dream, but as truth.

If the bill goes through, I’m going to get a tax cut — maybe a pretty substantial one. So far Medicare remains in place, although I believe that both Medicare and Social Security are the next targets for Paul Ryan and his libertarian backers. In that sense, I come out a winner — at least for now.

I’m not a libertarian. I don’t believe in a winner-take-all economy, or a winner-take-all world.  But a solid 40+% of American voters apparently do. I’m struggling with why I should care more about whether angry white working and middle class voters get health care than they do. Senator Patty Murray cares — she’s fighting hard to keep health care in place for those voters, even though they don’t support her. But at this point I’m not sure I care — and I’m not sure I like that reaction in myself.

Do you expect to be a winner or loser under a libertarian America, whose creation the Koch brothers and their network have spent the last nine years funding to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars? Where are you as this health care drama unfolds?

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