Getting to Know Seattle: Pride Parade

Sunday was unusually hot in Seattle, in the low 90’s. The heat and abundant sun brought out lots of parade goers, who were mellow and happy and glad for the celebration of the day. I think of the Fremont Solstice Parade, which happened last weekend, as the official kickoff of summer. But Pride Parade is too big and boisterous to be given second billing. It’s a great opening act for summer too.

If the crowd was mellow, the Seattle PD were not, especially. I don’t think they were on edge because of the parade marchers or those who came to watch. I simply think that now, in any major U.S. city, an event that attracts a lot of people is high risk. The police were out in force, armed and wearing kevlar vests, which must have been unbearably hot. I strongly suspect reinforcements were at the ready had they been needed. Happily, there were not.

I only saw the beginning of the parade — the leadoff group is Dykes on Bikes — before Matt texted to see if I could help with preparations for the pool party later in the day. I was fine with cutting my viewing short to pitch in. But I got enough to feel the celebratory flavor of the event, and I’m glad to live in a city that welcomes and supports and turns out to cheer all of its neighbors.

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