Getting to Know Seattle: Seen at Pike Place Market

This isn’t Archie’s beloved red tailed hawk; I think it’s some sort of parrot, perched comfortably on the shoulder of its owner standing just outside Pike Place market.

I’d worry about the thing crapping all over my shirt, but clearly this guy isn’t worried a bit and his shirt does look perfectly fine. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Seen at Pike Place Market

  1. Perhaps this bird has similar behavior to an osprey, or fish hawk. We’ve had a nesting pair occupying the top of a dead tree at the side of our field for years. One time, after watching the osprey devour its prey, carefully picking out any last tidbits clinging to its talons or the branch of the tree, all witnessed close-up with our small telescope, I watched in fascination as the bird tipped its body forward, head down and tail up, and out spewed a veritable explosion of feces. These guys go for real distance. If I’d been standing under the tree, I would have been just fine. But 10 to 15 feet away — I would have been covered. Projectile crapping for sure!

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