Getting to Know Seattle: The Crumpet Shop

The Crumpet Shop is a real English tea shoppe on 1st Avenue at Pike Place Market. I’ve literally walked by hundreds of times without going in. Friend Barbara asked if I wanted to go there for breakfast, and acting on my philosophy that I’ll try anything once, I readily agreed.

The website describes “crumpet” as an English griddle cake. I’m thinking of Lily here, and her question of how a bun differs from a scone. Now we’ll add “crumpet” to the mix, and really send her over the edge.

The Crumpet Shop was fabulous. They have a wide selection of international teas, but they also serve a really good cup of organic coffee. They have scones, and groats — something like a rice porridge — but the specialty of the house is crumpets. You can have one with butter and jam, or peanut butter, or marmite — a salty English paste made out of yeast that people apparently either love or hate. Sounds vile to me. You can order a crumpet with egg, cheese, and ham — real, thick cut ham, not deli ham from a plastic container — and a slice of tomato on top, or any variation thereof. You can have a crumpet with ricotta cheese and lemon curd, which sounded great for later in the day, like brunch, or a crumpet with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

The place is small, with a few tables and a long bar with stools. A lot of people get their crumpets and drinks and continue walking. We found a table, and enjoyed a leisurely conversation — no one rushed us out despite the consistent line of people seeking their favorites.

For a carb lover, as I am, crumpets are a new and wonderful way to indulge my craving. I had the egg/ham/cheese with a tomato atop a warm crumpet, and it was to die for. I’ll be back.

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