The Faith of Trump Supporters

People who believe Trump and believe in him seem to do so absolutely — which is a little scary when it comes to any elected official, more so this one who seems to lie without even thinking about it. The Washington Post has an article in which Trump supporters in Tom Price’s old district are interviewed re their thoughts on Trumpcare:

“The mental health counselor, a native of Sweden who became a U.S. citizen in 2004, calls herself “ultra-conservative” and strongly supports the president. “Trump wants to put something together that’s actually going to last and work for everybody,” Caswell explained. “To do that, you have to start over. That’s what they’re doing.”

She said the protesters’ concerns about people with preexisting conditions losing coverage are unfounded because, surely, Trump would never allow such a terrible thing to happen to people who need help. “That’s definitely one of the things he’s going to make sure they fix,” she said, referring to the Senate bill. “I’m sure Trump has scratched his head on that one a lot.”

Someone else interviewed expresses great distress that she has a $40 co-pay to see her doctor, and she is waiting for Trumpcare to give her cheaper premiums and lower co-pays but more and better care.

Dream on.

The Republicans in Congress have the votes to pass Trumpcare if Mitch McConnell leans on them hard enough, which he will. That means the burden of this cruel bill is going to fall hard on a lot of people, including Trump voters. Will their belief in him falter in light of their real-world experience? I’m not sure. Richard Nixon held on to 30+% of Republican voters all the way through Watergate and his ultimate resignation. History shows us that grifters and con men hold on to a lot of their true believers, simply because people are loathe to admit they’ve been duped.

I read another article yesterday morning by David Leonhardt in the New York Times that said millennials simply aren’t voting, less than 20% do so in federal elections. They don’t support Trump, and his actions will have effects on their lives that will last generations. But they don’t vote. Older voters who believe in Trump are voting, even though he’s going to pull the rug right out from under them.

Our democracy, as we all know, is in a real mess.

2 thoughts on “The Faith of Trump Supporters

  1. It is tragic that people don’t look at the facts. The Republicans proposed healthcare plan will give tax cuts exceeding $50,000 a person to the rich, while taking over $800 billion out of the Medicaid budget. Last night I watched both Republican and Democratic opinions on this issue. Republicans are either ignorant or lying. They justify cutting Medicaid to make it work better! I conclude that they are liars.

  2. for Katie: Senator Patty Murray says Democrats are fighting hard against this bill because so many people will be hurt. I think Trump voters have no idea of the ways in which the government safety net supports them. I fear that we have to “go there”, eliminate benefits for middle class and poor Americans so we can shove more money at the rich, and then ask “Is this what you really want?” Unfortunately, a lot of people will suffer a lot while that question is being asked. Senator Murray is right — I just don’t think Trump voters want to hear it.

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