Old Ladies Carded at a Bar

Seattle is a  young city, and friend Louise and I live in Belltown, which is a young neighborhood in this young city. Belltown abuts South Lake Union, where the Amazon army of young hires seems to expand by the week.

I know I repeated the word “young” four times in the opening sentences — deliberate.

Louise and I had dinner plans on Saturday night, and we decided to stop first at a new bar that opened up nearby: Navy Strength. Not sure about the name, but there was sort of a tikki-bar theme — not sure how that connects with Navy? The bar’s niche seems to be really interesting, and very strong, mixed drinks, some served in tall green china tikki glasses. Dogs seem to be allowed inside, even though the place serves food. Maybe it was a service dog; they are allowed everywhere. You can see the white dog with brown patches resting peacefully on the floor below one of the bar stools in a pic below.

At the door was a bouncer with a  man bun and nose ring. He welcomed us cordially and said he needed to check our ID, which was amusing as our ID’s read 72 and 81.

We easily had 50 years on most of the others who were there.

I never feel out of place at moments like this —  I couldn’t explore Belltown bars and eateries if I did. I’ve also never been treated ungraciously by a server or bartender because of my age.

One factor in situations like this can be noise: young people often like more of a din, coming from boisterous conversation or loud music, than I do. That wasn’t a problem at Navy Strength. We were there early so the place wasn’t too crowded, and the music level was quite tolerable.

Will we go back? I’m not sure. The market niche seems to be people interested in exotic mixed drinks, which I don’t really do any more because my body doesn’t easily tolerate several shots of liquor in one glass. We both had wine, and it was about as good as a glass of house wine anywhere. The bar menu is limited; we shared a small appetizer, which was good, but there weren’t a lot of options.

The decision to return or not depends on what we found there, not on age — which is part of what I like about Seattle. Although there was something hilarious about old ladies being carded at a bar. 🙂

The bouncer is the guy sitting behind those decorative ropes.

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