Waiting for Summer to Begin

New Jersey was 90 degrees when I was there last weekend, and Phoenix is predicted to hit 120 degrees this coming week. Seattle is still hovering around 60 degrees, although the winter rains have stopped. I’m waiting for real summer to begin, by which I mean low 70’s and lots of sun.

Any day now would be good. How is the spring-into-summer transition where you are?

6 thoughts on “Waiting for Summer to Begin

  1. Foggy and 60’s in Bar Harbor, Maine right now. But..we are off on a bus ride to Acadia National Park. Yesterday was stormy at home in Iowa.

  2. for Joyce: Yep, sounds like Seattle weather. Looks like a cool spring-into-summer is happening in a lot of places. I love Acadia — quite beautiful. Enjoy.

  3. It’s already 90 degrees here in Port Orange, FL. I am on our boat with the AC on, but getting ready for a walk on the beach.

  4. for Frances: I’m jealous! I like summer to feel like summer. Do you live on the boat full time?

  5. We do not…yet. But our goal is to do long term cruising in the Western Caribbean so we sail it when we can, spend time on it near the beach (walks on the beach, kayaking, etc.) and do shorter term cruising. The sailboat is a Sabre 38′. Two weeks ago we sailed up to St.Augustine and spent a few lovely days there. We returned via motoring down the ICW. I also have two other smaller sailboats, 25′ and 22′, which we sail more often on Lake Monroe in Sanford. I have always loved sailing.

  6. for Frances: Sounds like great fun — didn’t know you were a sailor!! Western Carib trip sounds like a dream adventure.

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