The Buzz Around Firing Robert Mueller

After Jeff Sessions’ evasive and Forrest Gump-like testimony on Tuesday, CNN pundits turned to the buzz focusing on Trump wanting to fire Robert Mueller — and the political impossibility of his doing so. Everyone agreed that even Trump, as outrageous as he is, will never cross this line — particularly after Rod Rosenstein drew a further red line in the sand, saying that he would only follow a presidential directive to fire Mueller for legitimate cause.

I’m not so sure anyone can say with certainty that there’s a line Trump won’t cross. He’s crossed plenty of lines without any pushback from the Republican majority in Congress. Trump himself said during the campaign that he could shoot someone and it wouldn’t cost him support among his core voters. I think he still believes that, and nothing that’s happened so far during his tenure in the Oval Office would lead him to think differently. Trump is an impulsive guy, prone to go with his gut. He disdains the counsel of his advisors. Melania and Ivanka are said to have a tempering influence on him, but if there’s any evidence of that I haven’t seen it. I think Trump — thin-skinned and narcissistic, acts in the moment when his constantly simmering rage boils over and finds a target. With the news that Mueller is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice, I think the stage is set.

Stay tuned.

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