Politics 2017: Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions is as dumb as a box of rocks.

I saw the early part of his testimony before Congress, then had to turn it off — figuring any good bits would be on CNN later and the boring stuff isn’t worth watching. I can only stand so much of the Trump show and the warm-up acts he sends out on the road on his behalf on any given day.

Sessions came out swinging, with a bloviating defense of his honor. Clearly he’s gotten the message from Trump that if he wants to keep his job, he’d better be tougher going back at this former Senate colleagues and more stalwart in his defense of Trump.

God, I hope someone nails these people on something. Fareed Zakaria said on the Sunday talk shows that he worries that if Trump is finally boxed in by his corrupt self-dealing — I feel fairly sure that a lot of Russian money is what’s holding together that gilded Trump real estate branding empire — Trump won’t go quietly as Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew did. Trump will fight every inch of the way, and dirty, with utter disregard for the country. That, to me, is consistent with what I see of Trump.

Jennifer Rubin is a conservative columnist for the Washington Post. She talks about the differences between the Republican Party now and during Watergate, and why the Republican party isn’t able to act rationally in the face of Trump’s outrageous behavior. The short answer is that there are no Republicans today that have both the support of the fulminating base and personal integrity, courage, and a commitment to the country. None. John McCain has the latter but not the former, and he’s 80 and on the outer edge of public life. Tom Cotton has the former but not the latter — he was part of the suck-up contingent at the supposed meeting with Trump on health care. You can run down the list of Republicans in Congress and the answer is “neither” or “one or the other but not both”. And so Trump goes on and on and on…


Sessions made several categorical denials, so I’m hoping the investigation yields something for which he can be held accountable. I’d personally love to see the shoes start dropping.


2 thoughts on “Politics 2017: Jeff Sessions

  1. Sessions was once labeled “the dumbest man in the senate,” but he is also crazy like a fox. And just how many times can you say “I cannot recall” and get away with it? The whole thing was nauseating. Can’t wait till Mueller gets them all under oath and can cite for contempt if they still don’t answer. Jail anyone?

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