2 thoughts on “Ivanka in LaLa Land

  1. Ivanka really got slammed on several MSNBC shows yesterday, She was present and mostly silent when her father was behaving badly during the past 2 years, and certainly in the White House during the past 6 months. Now she wants to cry poor little me. If the “great things” they want to do are more of what they have proposed so far, let’s keep resisting. Like her father, she thinks we are all stupid.

  2. for Phyllis: One of her father’s notable instances of vicious behavior was toward Ivanka’s mother, Ivana, at the time of the Trump divorce. Ivana alleged marital rape, although she later explained it away and withdrew the charge. Ivanka was certainly old enough to be aware of that information. I think Ivanka is just as much a cold fish and cruel to boot as her father. Despite the smile.

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