“Fly the Friendly Skies”

My flight back from Newark to Seattle on Monday was bumpy in spots — that from rough air currents. And the service in biz class was a little ragged. Catering out of Newark was sloppy, and they forgot to stock plates or the mixed nuts usually served with drinks before dinner and the warm cookie you get during the last hour of the flight. We had our drinks, then the meal served in the aluminum warming container in which it is packaged for re-heating.  A meal is a meal, but the presentation was like a drive-up take-out window. The flight attendants seemed embarrassed.

I know, I know — in coach you don’t get anything and you’re crammed in like sardines to boot. But I’m wondering what’s up with United? They’ve gotten a lot of really bad press recently, after dragging one passenger off the plane, having a gate agent get into a battle with a professional musician who wanted to take her valuable instrument onto the plane, and little things like the bad catering just add to the impression of disarray.

Any big United fans out there who want to tell the rest of us what might be up?

2 thoughts on ““Fly the Friendly Skies”

  1. Well, their CEO has an attitude, as we saw after the first incident. No sincerity at all. I really think this trickles down.

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