Reunion 2017: Final Breakfast

There were no formal events on Sunday morning, but three tables of us got together informally for breakfast at Rod’s. We were able to eat outdoors, even though the temperatures were rapidly approaching 90 degrees. I enclose the pics, with names as we knew them in college, for blog readers who are former CSE classmates who want to see what folks look like now.

I will have more reflections on the reunion once I return to Seattle and have time to let the experiences settle. The 48 hours or so that we were together was very intense.

We are all 71 or 72. Some of us are more physically active than others. Some are more cognitively sharp.  All of us were deeply engaged with each other, and with the opportunities of the weekend.

None of us, any longer, are young.

Josepha de Crecenzo Stephanie Mongiello, Rosemary Dunn, Ann McCaughn.

Roni Toner, Linda Stromborn, Paula.

Paula McClain, Eileen Murphy, Wynn Johanson, Albina Ollarek.

Candy Levy, Jeanne Pirrone, Anita Colangelo, Ginny Gunnison.

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