Lily Learning English: What is a “Bun”?

Life continues on all fronts even as I’m mesmerized by the Comey testimony and aftermath and fully focused on my 50th reunion.

I received an email from Lily asking if I know “what is a bun?”, and how is “a bun” different from “a scone”?

There are a number of issues here. One is whether my Spanish is up to making such linguistic distinctions. The other big one is whether “a bun” in Panama — these look more like cookies to me — is the same as a bun here.

OK, native English speakers. How would you explain to Lily the difference between a bun and a scone? You can use English. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Lily Learning English: What is a “Bun”?

  1. My first thought for “what is a bun before reading the post and seeing the photo was the hairstyle a dancer wears …. guess my dancer has impacted me! Then I thought of a hamburger roll…. the item shown looks like it has more sugar and more color than a scone….

  2. I too would use the example of a hamburger or hot dog bun, or something you make a sandwich with. Are any of those foods popular in Panama? Buns are usually more soft. A scone is a heavier dough, and (usually) used as a “sweet” with coffee or a beverage. The savory ones can be used as a side dish with a meal. Did she by any chance ask what a “roll” is? We do take our words/meanings for granted!

  3. for Bryna: Ah, I didn’t even think of that kind of bun, perhaps because I saw the pic first.

  4. A bun is made with yeast, and usually has something in it like a burger or hot dog or sandwich meat. A scone is made with sugar and butter and baking soda/baking powder. It has raisins or other fruit in it usually, and sometimes a little icing on top. Hi Lily — miss you!

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