Happy 20th Anniversary!

My sister Wendy and her husband George came to the hotel on Thursday evening to have dinner with me; they are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Somehow I forgot to take a picture, which would have showed you the younger of the York girls. Sorry about that. Join me in wishing Wendy and George a happy 20th.

22 thoughts on “Happy 20th Anniversary!

  1. Thanks much, Pam! Dinner was delicious; company even better. You made an amazing toast to us 20 years ago at the reception at Casino in the Park (Jersey City). Without knowing George so well yet, you really nailed him (his wide circle of friends from his entire life).

  2. Wendy, my best to you and George! Twenty years is a real accomplishment — may you have many joy-filled years together.

  3. Pam: it’s a pleasure having you as sister-in-law. Your conversation at table was measured, considered, and well worded…just like your blog writing. Lord, would that there were more conversationalists like you around. And thanks for your wishes on our 20th! Your readers’ also. George Witterschein

  4. Thanks, Mary. Twenty years went by quickly. We were married at St. Al’s in Jersey City – George’s home parish.

  5. Yes,it’s nice to think back to that…it was a perfect June day, and after the wedding we all went across Lincoln Park to the reception…it was sublime.

  6. for Wendy: I love that there is a community of good wishes around the blog, even from people you don’t know.

  7. “I love that there is a community of good wishes around the blog, even from people you don’t know.”
    true…and beautiful

  8. I’m not surprised about Bev Flynn… Jersey City, and especially Saint Aloysius Parish, have extremely long arms that sometimes seem to hold the whole world. I’m always meeting people from either of those, or both!

  9. George went to St. Peter’s Prep and College, his brothers went to Hudson Catholic and his sisters went to St. Al’s or St. Dominic’s. Was Bev from Jersey City? Many of the Catholic schools had commuters from out of town. And yes, I appreciate the good wishes from the blog posters – they are reminiscent of our wedding and reception – everyone was so happy for us.

  10. for Wendy: Bev was from Jersey City, as was Barbara Cali and several others. Perhaps Bev can help us remember who they were.

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