The Bar at Rod’s

The reunion activities actually begin on Friday. I came into town early for a few reasons: my friend Ginny is arriving, and I want time with her before everyone arrives. I’m having a meeting with the new development officer. I’m having dinner with my sister Wendy and her husband. But I also wanted time, just for myself, in the bar at Rod’s.

I have no idea why I’m so drawn here. Oh, I recall the history — I couldn’t afford to come here when I was a college student, and now I can. But there has to be something more. There are a lot of great bars in Seattle that are more trendy than this one. Rod’s has been around for a long time — coming here is nothing new.  Rod’s was even on HBO, providing the scene for episodes of the Sopranos in the late 1990’s. Tony and Christopher sat outside drinking red wine out of a bottle and talking. The bar is clubby, lots of dark wood paneling and men drinking Guinness and a piano player doing ’80’s music. I usually like to sit on the side, in that pic with the stained glass window, but last night I sat dead center because there was hardly anyone here. I had wine, and since I hadn’t eaten since breakfast on the plane, I ate an entree instead of the light meal I planned on. I had decaf espresso. I chatted with the bartender. The time was everything I wanted it to be.

I told the bartender I’ll be back, and I will — daily, until the reunion events are over. I’m not in  North Jersey often, and I have to store up the Rod’s bar vibe when I am.

2 thoughts on “The Bar at Rod’s

  1. Beautiful bar! Glad to see that some things remain mostly the same over a long period of time. Have a great time at your reunion and with all the side activities you have planned. #55 is coming up for me this fall; still debating about going.

  2. for Phyllis: I imagine as time goes on and fewer and fewer can come because of health or distance, it gets a little depressing. We already have quite a list of dead ones.

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