In Flight and Off Line

The flight from Seattle to Newark is five hours, give or take, and during that whole time my phone is on airplane mode and the internet inaccessible to me. After about an hour of not checking email and messages I get twitchy. At hour two I have to take a nap. At hour three I start watching CNN on the screen in front of me. At hour four I twiddle my thumbs. When the pilot says we’re a half hour out, I take out my phone so I’m ready to nuke airplane mode as soon as we’re wheels down. And when we land and are taxiing, with one touch I’m back online and ready for Project Fi to click in and the new emails and messages to appear.

At home I’m never, ever off line for five hours unless I’m asleep.

2 thoughts on “In Flight and Off Line

  1. We are all part of the online culture. Everywhere people want to connect. I see people waiting on bus lines, at the theatre and in every venue on the phone. It’s become an essential element of daily living. I do it too!

  2. for Katie: I have no desire to go to Cuba, because you can’t get online. A week or ten days without internet would do me in.

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