CNN v. Fox

The Madison Hotel — home of Rod’s bar — serves breakfast in the lobby for hotel guests. There’s a TV, which is often turned to Fox. It’s a political statement, whether you show CNN or Fox in a hotel lobby, and I’m puzzled as to whether North Jersey has become Trump country over the years.

When I checked in the front desk supervisor was on duty, a black woman, and she and I got to chatting about why I was  here and whether I’m a regular — not exactly, now that I’ve moved to Seattle. I felt comfortable asking her Why Fox? I also asked if I could ask for the channel to be changed when I arrive for breakfast. She said yes. The second person on desk duty, a young white woman, looked alarmed. She said “we have to pay attention to the preferences of our guests.” I nodded smugly. “Yes, you do. I’m your guest, and I prefer CNN.”

The black woman told me she wouldn’t be on at the breakfast hour, and I grinned.

“If you hear there’s been an altercation over TV channels, know that I’m in the middle of it.”

She grinned back and gave me a high five.

2 thoughts on “CNN v. Fox

  1. for Ada: Yes — see current post. The young lady who freaked last night was on duty this morning and was the one I first asked. She had to go get her manager. But here I am, watching Comey’s testimony on CNN. 🙂

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