Losing Things in 900 Square Feet

Really, how do I do it? I have one large closet and one quite small coat closet, which also houses my washer and dryer, cleaning supplies, package wrapping things, earthquake emergency kit, trash bag for recyclables and laundry detergent — oh, and my vacuum. That’s it. In my large closet in addition to my clothes I have three file boxes and one carry-all plastic file folder box with all my important stuff. I have one bookshelf in my open loft area.

To perform Emily and Dustin’s wedding in September, I need my Universal Life Church minister credentials, which I bought in 2013 when I performed my first and only previous wedding, and now can’t find. Fortunately the ULC website keeps better records than I do, so I can get duplicates. I may also need additional credentials for the state of Minnesota, like a letter of good standing which the site sells for $18. Really, this ministry thing is hilarious. You can sign up for free, then you pay for various packages that give fewer or more credentials. Clergy press pass? Included in the $59.95 package.  Simple framed certificate of ministry, plus laminated wallet card? $29.95. Additional items, like clergy clothing, are available a la carte, as is wedding wine.

I love Dustin and Emily, and will do whatever I need to in order to be in good standing on their important day. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Losing Things in 900 Square Feet

  1. for Mary: Loving being part of this. You can’t imagine how frustrated I am not to be able to find those papers!!!! Will order new copies upon my return. Emily and Dustin are being very patient. 🙂

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