Conscious Aging: Keeping Clothes Until They Wear Out

Clothes don’t really wear out unless you’re five and get holes in the knees of your pants or you’re three and go wild with markers and the rainbow colors seep into the fabric and won’t come out. My $19.99 cotton T-shirts from the GAP are pretty faded after one season and not worth keeping until the next, but how about the good stuff? I’m frugal that way. I think I should keep clothes until they wear out.

I’ve lost enough weight over the last 18 months that I’ve gone down a full size, and I have a half dozen pairs of pants and several expensive shirts that are simply too big. I have a dearth of closet space, and when I bought a few new things on Saturday, I had to do considerable shuffling to make room. There is a philosophy that if you haven’t worn something in a year, it should go to the Good Will and be passed along to someone who’ll actually use the garment.  My now too-big clothes are classic, and they’ll work just fine in another season or two should I regain weight. I’m hoping not to, but I know how hard it is to maintain a weight loss.

For now, I made room. Getting rid of the bigger clothes might be a statement of my confidence in my eating and exercise regime, so it might be worth doing just for that.

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