Conscious Aging: My 50th Reunion

Reunion weekend is finally here. I’m headed to New Jersey on Wednesday, and will be there until the following Monday when I fly home to Seattle. I’ll see both of my sisters and their husbands, and hopefully 50 or so of my former classmates.

There’s a full schedule of reunion events — including a gathering where I’ll talk about my memoir — but my priority is more on seeing people and having some of the in-depth conversations I was able to enjoy at my 50th high school reunion. There’s something precious to me about reconnecting with people after a long gap in time — my renewed relationship with Minga after a 40 year hiatus is a case in point. Relationships take many forms. Some friends are in our lives on a day to day basis for years, even decades. Some come in and out. Both, to me, enrich life beyond measure.

My home base at reunion may be the bar at Rod’s. I never went there as a college student, because I couldn’t afford it. I can afford it now, and my casually relaxed seat at the bar is one small marker of the way my life has changed.

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