Amazon: Today Seattle, Tomorrow the World

Living near the Amazon mothership in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle — one might say Amazon IS the South Lake Union neighborhood — has a great benefit: the company tries out new services on us. The latest addition to their portfolio is Amazon Restaurants, accessible through Amazon Prime. There are lots of ways in Seattle to get food brought to your door — now Amazon has entered the fray. I access my Prime Account, enter my zip code and address, and up pops a list of participating restaurants. I can then access the menu and place an order, which will appear within a 2 hour window.

Whatever else you might call Amazon, the company is a logistics genius that knows how to get stuff to customers very quickly and efficiently — more efficiently than ordering from the originator. I recently bought a FitBit, and since I’d gone to their website to compare models, I placed my order directly from them. The FitBit took eight business days to arrive, plus a weekend. I could have had the same FitBit at the same price through Amazon in two days, free delivery. Lesson learned, or I should say lesson reinforced. I will now go to Amazon first in all cases.

The Amazon model can be applied to anything, it seems: tangible goods, home services, and now restaurants.

The stock recently hit a new high, and I can easily see why.

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