Port of Seattle: One More Cruise Pic

I promised to be done with my cruise biz fixation, but have to post one more pic: the upscale Seaborn Sojourn is in port.

Most of the cruise lines that dock here — Carnival, Holland American [a division of Carnival], Norwegian, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean — are mid-market affairs targeting the mass market of cruise travelers. Seaborn — actually a division of Carnival as well — is different: smaller, sleeker, catering to roughly 450 passengers as opposed to the 1500-3000 on the other cruise lines. People who travel on Seaborn want elegance without crowds, no climbing walls or big shows every night, and they want access to ports that may be inaccessible to the larger ships. The cost of a Seaborn cruise is, as you can imagine, more than a traditional trip on one of the larger ships.

Seaborn is all upscale, suite-style cruising with wine and champagne included. Norwegian has an upscale area on its ships, in which you pay more to have your own pool and bar and accommodations — but you’re on a big ship with the ordinary traveler. I know that some of my readers are avid cruisers. Why would you pick one option over the other, i.e. mass market cruising, sequestered exclusivity on a mass market ship, or a Seaborn experience?

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