“Knowing How to Behave in Public”

My friend Louise is a blogger and fine writer. The link below will take you to her most recent post, “Reflections on May 29”. She and I have seen many U.S. presidents come and go, and this post is a reflection on President Kennedy’s 100th birthday. In that reflection she contrasts President Kennedy with Trump, whom we both find to be beyond the pale.

She uses the phrase, in speaking about President Kennedy, that he “knew how to behave in public”. I suppose you have to be a certain age to appreciate what that means, but read her post and you will understand. I still find it incomprehensible that the country elected a president who boasted in public about sexually assaulting women, or that Montana sent a representative to Congress who assaulted a reporter. Apparently now anything is acceptable in public, at least to a certain segment of voters.

But not to me.


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