Holiday Weekend at Klainer West

We’re having a gorgeous weekend, and all of Seattle has taken to the outdoors. Matt and Amy have opened the pool, and I’ve been enjoying it so much I haven’t taken out my camera. Sara and Ben are in Bali for the weekend, home later on Monday.

I took an early morning walk — I try to balance my exercise program to include long walks which are easier on my joints than some of the other things I do — and post these pics so you can get an idea of how beautiful it is here in the summer.  I’m also wanting to show you how close we can get to the cruise ships that dock along Puget Sound. Cruise season will become normal in another couple of weeks and I won’t even notice the ships coming and going, but that’s not the case just yet. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend at Klainer West

  1. for Katie: Great to chat on the phone just now! Re cruising: I know you and Ron have enjoyed several cruises, and Alaska is the one place that might tempt me — because I think you have to be a bit back from the glaciers to appreciate them. But generally, cruising is not my preferred form of travel, despite my fascination with the business of cruising, the proximity of the huge ships, and the fabulous people watching. I prefer vacations where I am free to follow up on interesting, quirky opportunities like finding Central State Hospital outside Milledgeville, or CanCan Wonderland in St. Paul. A cruise generally doesn’t offer that kind of freedom. Lots of other advantages, though, I know. Maybe some day.

  2. for Joyce: I am a big fan of cherries, and love cherry pie. Rainier cherries just might be the best. Glad you’re getting them in Iowa!

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