Montana Sending a Thug to Congress

Gianforte won his Congressional election despite physically assaulting a reporter, and apparently his behavior was just fine with his supporters.

Democrats are trying to be encouraged by the fact that the race was closer than it should have been. Republicans are encouraged that tribal loyalty prevails, even in the face of this badly flawed candidate.

Sobering to me, more so every day, is that for 45% of the country — give or take — Trump’s bluster and bullying, his business conflicts and self-enrichment, his ignorance of world affairs, his policies that are a direct assault on the people who put him into office, are irrelevant. Something about his reality show con man act reaches those voters at a very basic level, and they are sticking with his version of what American democracy means no matter what.

4 thoughts on “Montana Sending a Thug to Congress

  1. Apparently 50-75% of Montana folk voted early – before the incident. Too bad – the man might have lost with same-day voting. But then, maybe not.

  2. for Phyllis: I know — and the newspapers revoked their endorsement of him the same day as voting. Listening to some of his supporters, I think maybe he would have won anyway. Add Montana to the list of states I’ll never move to.

  3. My nephew and family live in Montana, and love the outdoor opportunities for hiking, biking, and gorgeous scenery. His wife ran for state supervisor of schools last fall as a Dem. She’s an award-winning math teacher with progressive ideas, and gathered a lot of support. However, she narrowly lost to a Betsy DeVos-like GOP candidate who is now doing the same kind of school demolition work in MT as BDV proposes nationally. Sad.

  4. for Phyllis: Read yesterday that Oklahoma schools have gone to a four day week, because money is so tight. Schools in Kansas are suffering as well. I think over four years deVos could completely wreck the public school system.

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