Dissing Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer takes one for the team every day that he appears in the White  House press room, but that kind of loyalty doesn’t matter to Trump, who excluded his top press spokesperson from the meeting with the Pope even though Spicer is a devout Catholic.

I get the allure of working in the White House, being close to the center of power. I get the resume-builder qualities, although I’m not sure it’s going to work the same way for people who have served in the Trump White House — especially if Trump succeeds in leading the country off a cliff.

But I don’t get allowing yourself to be trashed by Trump every day, with nothing coming in return. And nothing does, at least to those who are not family. Really, this White House reminds me of The Sopranos, or of a real-life crime family, more and more every day.

2 thoughts on “Dissing Sean Spicer

  1. for Katie: Life for Tony got darker and darker as the show went through its 7 seasons. Hopefully that will happen for Trump as well.I have no illusions about Pence, but would really like to see the Trump family crash and burn financially and politically — and for the Trumps, they really are the same thing, aren’t they?

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