What Does the Republican Budget Mean?

Funded massively by libertarian Koch brothers money, the country has gone consistently red over the last eight years, finally ending in a Republican sweep of Congress, the presidency, and perhaps all too soon, the Supreme Court. There is no reason a Republican Congress can’t push through the proposed budget that is being described in press I read as “cruel”, along with massive cuts to health care. I find myself wondering what that means for future elections. I have long thought that Republicans are great at messaging, convincing ordinary Americans that huge cuts can be made to programs that benefit lazy shiftless people who are a drain on the system without affecting the ordinary person. But these proposed actions will make life in America far more lucrative for the rich, and very, very hard for everyone who is middle class on down.

I think that when people are hurt directly, they change their vote. But maybe not? Voters in Kansas and Louisiana, for example, have continued to return Republican majorities to their governorships and state legislatures, even when their schools are demonstrably underfunded and their waterways, land, and air are being grossly polluted by indifferent energy producers.

I guess, like everyone else, I’m going to find out in 2018 — time enough for the cuts to have begun to wreak havoc in the lives of the poor, the elderly, the vulnerable.

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