Another Country Heard From

Just north of where I stayed near the Twin Cities is Michelle Bachman country — a conservative part of Minnesota. Dustin, Emily and I were watching TV, and an ad came on supporting the local Congressman in his vote to dismantle the ACA and replace it with the Republican version. The ad touted the “great new plan that will lower premiums, increase coverage, give more options, and protect people with pre-existing conditions.” The ad was highly misleading, if not outright false in most of its claims. The Republican plan does indeed have a provision about pre-existing conditions, but says nothing about how much added premium health care companies can charge for the more costly coverage. It doesn’t mean much to be able to buy health care coverage with a pre-existing condition if you can’t afford the premiums. The rest of the ad boast is highly selective in its truth-telling. The only way to lower premiums and increase coverage is to drive out all the sick people, focusing on the young and healthy who don’t need much health care anyway.

I suppose if you listen to right wing talk radio, and hear ads like this, and you don’t pay much attention to things like the CBO scoring, you believe that dismantling the ACA in favor of the Republican plan is going to be good for you.

I read an article in the New York Times about voters in Kentucky sticking with Trump, despite all the turmoil of recent weeks. That is, I suspect, because he hasn’t done anything to hurt them yet. If the new health care plan goes through, and if Trump  and the Republican Congress can change the tax code in the direction they are saying, Trump voters in Kentucky and rural Minnesota and other red parts of the country are going to be hurt a lot. I’ll be curious to see if they stick with Trump then.

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