She Shoots — She Scores!!

Dustin shoots birds, and has with family members since he’s been a kid. He’s quite skilled, and trap shooting — or shooting live — is a highly skilled sport.

I’ve never held a real gun, or taken a shot. Dustin gave me some basic safety instruction, and taught me how to line up the shot with the fast moving clay pigeon. I aimed the gun as taught, said “pull”, and the target flew into an arc 20-25 yards in front of me. On my very first shot, I hit. Whoo hoo! I shot seven more times — the kick from the 20 gauge shotgun is jarring and my right shoulder was protesting mightily — and if I’d hit all eight I would have called myself a prodigy. As is, I call it beginner’s luck. That’s not to diminish my feeling of success — beginner’s luck or no, I’ll take it. Annie Oakley. Dale Evans. Machine gun Kelley. Pam Klainer. Shooters all.

Those green things in my ears are ear plugs. I’m wearing Emily’s dad’s Fighting Irish jacket, which I think brought me luck.

6 thoughts on “She Shoots — She Scores!!

  1. Larry has done trap for years! It’s grown in popularity here. Your ear plugs look like earrings!

  2. for Betsy: Much harder than it looks! Clearly a sport that involves skill and practice — glad to hear that Larry is a shooter as well. Dustin is really, really good — has been shooting since early adolescence.

  3. for Louise: I think it would feel harder for me to take a shot at real bird — clay pigeons better. 🙂

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