Can Can Wonderland

This post is for friend and regular reader Betsy, who is the sister of my sister-in-law Jeannie. The Cook girls grew up in Edina, which is a suburb of the Twin Cities. I’m sure Can Can Wonderland wasn’t here back then, but Betsy knew about it and gave me a heads-up via a Comment on the blog. Thank you! I love adventures, and happily so did my brunch companies. We had a dandy time.


CanCan Wonderland is an interactive arts and play space in an old canning factory — hence the name — located in St. Paul. Admission is free, but you pay for things like miniature golf, food and drink, and arcade games. Just seeing the range of arcade games was a treat reminiscent of the Jersey shore of my childhood, and I took my turn at a pinball bowling game. So did “team Klainer” — we all took down at least a few pins.

A student from Danny’s school did the mural in front of which he is standing.

Great fun, and wouldn’t have wanted to miss this! Thanks, Betsy. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Can Can Wonderland

  1. I’m so glad you got to go there on that rainy dreary day! It’s an amazing work of creativity and fun. I bet the kids knew about it! May favorite hole was Grandma’s with the hole right under Grandma’s ugly couch!

  2. for Betsy: Actually, this was new to the Ross family except for Danny, whose student did the mural as you enter. He hadn’t been, though, so we all enjoyed the place immensely.

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