Brunch at Brasa in St. Paul

Emily knows I love yucca frita, yucca fries, and her favorite brunch place, Brasa in St. Paul, does the dish really well. Brother Danny lives near Brasa; Danny teaches at a Montessori high school in St. Paul. He met us there for brunch. Emily and Danny’s dad Neal was working, so he missed the start to our Sunday adventures.

I had pulled pork, creamed spinach with jalapeno, and shared side orders of yucca fries with the table. A feast!

Before setting out for brunch Dustin, Emily, and I able to finalize the wedding ceremony, which we’ve been working on long distance via Google docs. I think it’s going to be great, and that’s one big item off their “to do” wedding project list. The wedding is in mid-September, when I’ll be returning to the Twin Cities in the role of celebrant.

Dustin, Mary, Emily, Danny.

2 thoughts on “Brunch at Brasa in St. Paul

  1. for Katie: we finished the ceremony, which feels good — one big thing off their plate. Will share plans as they unfold. The venue is going to be just beautiful.

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