Exploring Minnesota: Franconia Sculpture Park

I’m here in the Minneapolis area for two specific reasons: a book event hosted by Mary and Emily, and a chance to finalize the wedding ceremony at which I’ll officiate in September. Emily and Dustin and I have been working on it via Google docs, but this is my first chance to work with them in person and together.

That said, we’re having plenty of time for exploration, good food and drink — Mary is a marvelous cook — and just hanging out. On Friday, both Mary and Emily took the day off work and we drove north of Minneapolis to Franconia Sculpture Park, a large open air space with many highly unusual creations. On this chilly and cloudy day, a lone artist was working hollowing out a huge tree stump; she was soldering a tool which she’d just broken due to the hardness of the wood. We stood and chatted with her for several minutes, and there was a somewhat surreal feeling of being out in the middle of  absolute nowhere with a professional artist ignoring the cold and the clouds threatening rain and the relative isolation with the goal of furthering her creation.

All the things you see here, including the chair and table and TV, are not cast off objects — they are actual sculptures created for the site and placed here by the artists. The sculpture next to the chair and table and TV is a disembodied big toe.

The white house is where the caretakers live, and I like the rainbow square?

2 thoughts on “Exploring Minnesota: Franconia Sculpture Park

  1. I haven’t heard of this place before. If you have time, try Can Can Wonderland in St Paul ! It’s a fun, unique spot!

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