What Do I Do While Traveling?

The flight time between Seattle and Minneapolis is about three and a half hours. I’ll likely get a meal, which will take up about an hour of the time. You have to pack everything up for the last 15-20 minutes as the plane is descending, which cuts out another chunk of time.

I have two time segments to manage on a travel day. One is the wait time in the airport before departure, and one is the actual flight. If I’m on an airline where I have lounge access, I often allow enough time to go there. Airline lounges offer free wifi, and it’s a good place to put up a quick blog post about any good people watching that has happened while checking in and going through security. I don’t have member lounge access on Alaska Air, but it looks as if I may have day-of-flight access with a paid first class ticket. If not, I simply wait at the gate. I can put up a blog post on my phone if there’s no free wifi, although typing on the smaller letters is more arduous.

For this relatively short flight, I’ll probably just read my Kindle. I’m in the middle of Michael Chabon’s latest novel Moonglow, which is quite a good read. If you don’t know Chabon’s work, here’s an article he wrote about his son Abraham for the magazine GQ. It may inspire you to read more of this author’s work.


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