Pro Bono Work and Grandparenting

As everyone who is a grandparent knows, it’s a wonderful role. You get all the fun, and you get to give the little ones back if they get cranky and insufferable. You get all the good parts, and none of the hard work of guiding a little one into adulthood.

Pro bono consulting of the kind I’m doing for the Seattle Foundation is pretty much like that. I’m working with two drop-dead smart young guys who actually believe that life is about something other than themselves. They’ve started an initiative designed to teach vulnerable 5th grade students how to apply the positive lessons we all learn on the sports field to success in the classroom. Kids can stay in the program through high school.

I’m working with this start-up non-profit as a pro bono consultant, and it’s a lot of fun. The guys are great to work with. We spend 90 minutes together, along with a philanthropic advisor from the Seattle Foundation. Then the guys go off to build on what we’ve done. I don’t have to write any reports, or do any billing, or organize the meetings. I do some work in between, as we exchange progress through email. But my time commitment is contained, and the time I spend feels productive and worthwhile.

I’m having a great time. I get all the good parts, and none of the drudge. 🙂

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