Hearing Rod Rosenstein

I keep trying to understand why people with a reputation for integrity in public service are standing up to defend the mendacious Donald Trump. Rod Rosenstein, Deputy AG, is one of those people. He has apparently said something like his personal integrity is not the issue, the issue is the coherence of our democracy and the safety of the republic.

What that means, I think, is that Rosenstein realizes he is defending the indefensible. But, he thinks that resigning would mean Trump would name sycophants and political hacks to important roles like FBI Director and Assistant AG, and the country would be in even more danger. He’s right about Trump seeking sycophants, of course. Everyone who has worked with Trump says he prizes unquestioning loyalty above anything else.

I get that calculation, but I think people like Deputy AG Rosenstein are risking a lot on behalf of all of us in order to attempt to manage the unmanageable.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, is tarnished by a connection with Trump. How long will people of integrity think they can skate along the surface of this ugly mess without falling through the ice?

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