Brunch by YaYa and Ben

Sara and Ben hosted a wonderful Mother’s Day brunch: breakfast burritos with warm tacos, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, avocado, grated cheese, sour cream and salsa, plus fresh fruit salad, coffee, juice. We were able to eat outside, despite Seattle’s cool-ish and wetter-than-normal spring. The sun came out, and so did we.

Happy day.

7 thoughts on “Brunch by YaYa and Ben

  1. A belated Happy Mother’s Day! It looks like it was another great Klainer weekend.
    I’m also looking at Sara’s beautiful back yard, with great plants and shrubs. It looks like lilacs in bloom left of center, or is it climbing wisteria?

  2. for Phyllis: Someone, at some point, took care with plantings in Sara’s yard — she has a lot of beautiful things growing, including the red hot pokers soon to come. Those are lilacs, both white and purple, whose bases are in the neighbor’s yards. They haven’t been trimmed in a long time, but they continue to bloom prolifically.

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