Puzzle Family

Families have a culture, a way of being when members are all together. We are a puzzle and game family — followed by a great dinner, often cooked by Matt, and accompanied by Dark and Stormy drinks, good wine, chips and home made guacamole [Amy is the champion guac maker], and cupcakes for dessert.

We’re having a great Klainer West Weekend. Mother’s day brunch on Sunday, hosted by YaYa and Ben.

Amy, Sara, Ben

6 thoughts on “Puzzle Family

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to all! Glad Klainer West will be celebrating in many ways this weekend!

  2. You have all inspired us to join in the fun. We are working our way up from 50 to 100 to 300 pieces so far and what I love most is the time away from electronic devices and shared conversation while we work away at the puzzle.

  3. for Nedra: Exactly. Doing puzzles is family fun and much better than watching mindless TV. Glad you’re in!

  4. for J: I think you would! You and M. would get along great with my kids and their significant others — I can see all six of you sharing an evening and having a lot of fun at it.

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