How Do Urban Folk Eat?

Lots of people who live in Seattle have more money than time, which means going to the grocery store, planning, cooking, serving meals and cleaning up, can be less attractive than using one of the multiple options that brings tasty and well prepared food to you on a meal-by-meal basis.

The South Lake Union neighborhood is the home of Amazon, and every lunchtime thousands of workers spill out onto the streets. There are multiple restaurants on every block, food trucks offering ethnic specialties, Uber eats and other delivery services that will bring food to you. Or, as Sara sometimes does, you can bring lunch based on what’s left over from your dinner delivery the night before.

That said, the food business is still hard. Quartz has an article on the closure of Maple, a New York food delivery startup. In the same article, it says that Munchery — a comparable food service offered here in Seattle that I sometimes use — is in financial trouble.

I think there are simply too many options. I like the menu choices, convenient delivery within a time window, and pricing of a Munchery lunch or dinner. But it isn’t more attractive than walking back from my exercise session at the YMCA through Pike Place market and buying “hand food” — something fresh and tasty for lunch that I can eat while walking along perusing the fresh fruits and vegetables that I might buy for dinner.

I still shop for groceries and cook, but if I want anything ethnic or complex, it’s likely I don’t have the right spices to make the dish, or the right pan to cook it in, or the desire to have a whole batch of something rather than a single meal. Better to order, or go, and enjoy the meal while someone else does all the rest.

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