Terra Cotta Warriors Round Two

I was in New York just a month ago, visiting with friends Katie and Ron, and we went to the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was happy to go again with friend Louise to the Warriors exhibit here, and was curious to find the curating quite different. Both sets of Warriors are from the excavation in China, but they were presented in very different ways. That bodes well for visiting any and all of the traveling exhibits currently in cities around the U.S. Even if you’ve seen one, you can get a lot out of going again to a different show.

At the Pacific Science Center exhibit there is a room of the Warriors that you can stand and walk among. Given that these figures are more than 2000 years old, the experience is breathtaking. There are also figures in less-than-complete restoration, so you can get a sense of what the excavation brought to the surface and how pieces had to be reassembled or skillfully repaired.

4 thoughts on “Terra Cotta Warriors Round Two

  1. Funny, I was ogling these photos and k sat next to me and said hey I know those terra cotta warriors from China. I just looked at him like he had 3 heads…he is such a smarty pants. So your blog is “in ” for the 6th graders here! Ha!

  2. for Katie: the exhibit in New York that we saw had more objects from the period, not only the warriors but the animals, plus pottery and other artifacts. This exhibit had more words, trying to tell the story of how the Terra Cotta warriors happened. It was hard to follow the various panels with so many people milling around in front of each display. But yes, the color added to some of the warrior figures was vibrant and interesting. And I did like to get up close to the figures.

  3. for J: Good for him! I must say I didn’t know much about the Warriors myself, although I have friends who’ve seen the original excavation in China.

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