Conscious Aging: Best Birthday in a Long Time

Well, I had a really great birthday. 🙂  Coffee in the morning with Julie, a sister writer who knows Flannery O’Connor and was eager to hear about Andalusia Farm. Since I’m not quite ready to let go of the trip, the topic of our conversation was right up my alley. Julie gave me a gift card for more coffee, which also hits the sweet spot of my life here in Seattle.

Then a massage, and birthday lunch with Nicki, and an addition to my yoga paraphernalia, a somewhat flexible strap that can be used for stretching. Plus Nicki makes the greatest egg salad in the world, made from eggs that her chickens have freshly laid. I’m still trying to get her to attempt teaching her chickens to walk backward a la Flannery O’Connor, but she hasn’t taken up the challenge so far.

Calls and online cards and emails continued throughout the day, including from Panama.

The a visit to collect Archie at day care, during which I brought little birthday favors for each of the kids. They all call me Grammie Pammie, which is a hoot.

Then picking cupcakes with Archie, and a happy birthday celebration with Matt and Amy and Else and Heidi. Sara is with Ben this weekend — they’ll be here next weekend for the big Klainer West birthday-mother’s day bash. But they called on video chat to wish me Happy Birthday.

Then supper with Matt at a favorite local place.

Can a 72nd birthday get much better? And there’s more to come — dinner with Louise on Saturday night, and the Klainer West party next weekend. Really, I am one blessed woman.


4 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Best Birthday in a Long Time

  1. for Katie: It really has been. My spirits are quite high, and I hope to hold on to that as long as possible. I think it’s called “irrational exuberance”.

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