Health Care Vote

I hate to see Trump get a win on anything, even a provisional one, but with Republicans having run the table last November, there are going to be a lot more moments for Trump to gloat over the next four years. Republican voters spoke loud and clear that they didn’t want the Affordable Care Act, and they took a big step toward getting that wish. I can’t imagine what the safety net is going to look like down the line, as I strongly suspect dramatic cuts to Medicare and Social Security are next on the Republican agenda.

I guess I’ll benefit from the big tax cuts inherent in the new plan, and I think all those out of work coal miners and Rust belt manufacturing people are going to get hit hard when their coverage gets too expensive to afford. And the 11 states with the highest number of people with pre-existing conditions all voted for Trump. I don’t get why they feel like winners after the health care vote, and I don’t.

2 thoughts on “Health Care Vote

  1. Yesterday’s vote was disgusting, and according to Trump you would think it was a done deal. I hope the senate develops a spine and some adult behavior. And I hope they do nothing until someone actually reads the whole bill instead of the summary, and that “real truth” comes from the CBO score.

  2. for Phyllis: You know more than most, from your work with Perinatal Network, how essential maternal and child health benefits are. The Republican vote was disgusting, and all Trump wanted was a win. He has no idea what’s in the bill.

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