Our Low Country Odyssey: Fine Dining

Phyllis and I didn’t only eat in barbecue joints, truck stops, and the Comfort Suites — we also enjoyed plenty of fine dining. That began on the night Phyllis, Art, and Connie picked me up at the Wilmington N.C. airport, and we drove to the revitalized river walk for dinner. I’m forgetting the name of the restaurant, but Phyllis may remember and update in the Comments. Connie had luscious looking fried oysters, I had that great ham and collard green soup and my first serving of friend green tomatoes, and Phyllis and Art had fish. There’s a lot of great fish and shrimp and crab in Low Country, and it isn’t all fried. Looking back, I might have been brave enough to try the catfish with red eye gravy. Next time.

Savannah has an abundance of great restaurants, many along their version of river walk. Phyllis and I ate at Chart House, which I guess is a chain but didn’t feel like it. We ate outside on that second floor patio, and chose to share several appetizers rather than have full dinners. We had chilled lobster and shrimp spring rolls — the star — shrimp ceviche with crispy fried avocado, and Wicked Tuna, which was tuna prepared three ways: tacos, seared, and tartare. Fabulous.

We did Aubri Lane’s in Milledgeville, and had wonderful she-crab soup at Brookgreen Gardens. That’s not to  mention the home made ice cream at Leopold’s in Savannah.

In short, I did nothing but eat great food all week. 🙂

Tomorrow: Art’s recipe for shrimp perloo, which rivaled anything we got eating out. I liked it so much I had a serving for breakfast the next morning, left over and warmed up and just as tasty as the night before.

5 thoughts on “Our Low Country Odyssey: Fine Dining

  1. for HTW: I did visit your site, and it’s great — lots of interesting information. Thanks for the link.

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