Suck, Bang, Blow

I had to lead with this one, just because of the name. We didn’t actually eat here; it’s a biker bar, heavy on beer and whiskey and burgers. We weren’t wearing enough leather to feel comfortable going in, and we didn’t arrive in the right set of wheels. Suck, Bang, Blow might be the biggest biker bar in Murrells’ Inlet, just south of Myrtle Beach; we drove by at the end of our trip, on the way back from a day at Brookgreen Gardens. When the annual biker rally happens, thousands of bikers and bikes come to hang out here. Alongside the bar, they have a shop where you can buy Suck, Bang Blow attire and memorabilia.

Whatever your FIRST thought or image might be for Suck, Bang, Blow, the name actually comes from the sound a Harley Davidson motorcycle — a big one — makes when you start her up. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Suck, Bang, Blow

  1. Love the top photo! You captured it all, including the “All My Rowdy Friends” group playing on Saturday night! One correction – the bar is in Murrell’s Inlet, a seafood town just south of Myrtle Beach. North Myrtle Beach probably would not want to claim them.

  2. for Joyce: Agreed, although who knows — they might have had the best burgers in area. 🙂 Can’t think of a place where Phyllis and I would have been more out of place, though.

  3. for Phyllis: Thnx — will go in and edit. Want to give accurate location for anyone who wants to track the place down.:)

  4. According to my brother who is a biker, Harley owner, lives in Conway, S.C. and has been to Suck, Bang and Blow those words are what you describe. They stand for intake (suck) , compression/power (bang) and exhaust (blow). He has only had beers there, but has a friend who recently won a $50 gift certificate to the bar and they plan to go there in the next couple of weeks. He said he would let me know about the burgers!

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