Eating While Traveling

I like good food, although I’m not especially skilled at cooking it, and when traveling I shy away from national chain restaurants in favor of promising local places. I like a full range of options, so the Georgia Barbecue place with red and white checkered oil cloth on the tables where you had to go to the counter to order your own meal was just as interesting as the Charter House in Savannah where the food was far more nuanced and subtle and expensive. Driving through rural Georgia we stopped for lunch at Truck Stop 44, mostly because it was the only thing not a chain like Bojangles, and because TS 44 offered the best chicken gizzards special in town. You have to eat at a place that makes that claim, even if you pass up the gizzards.

Phyllis and I were great traveling companions. She’s come to Panama multiple times, but this was our first road odyssey together — sort of a Thelma and Louise without shooting anyone or driving off a cliff. We might have driven off the road on our way out of Myrtle Beach during torrential rain storms, as other drivers did. Phyllis started us out driving and was amazing at navigating the teeming rain, wet roads, and wobbly other drivers. Kudos, my friend.

For the next several days I’m going to write several posts about our culinary experiences, surely a big part of a Myrtle Beach – Savannah — middle Georgia trip. And I don’t overlook for a minute the star power of home cooking. Phyllis is a very good cook; turns out her husband Art is too. On the day she and I returned from Milledgeville, Art prepared his Shrimp Perloo, and invited two couples over to join us for the dinner. Very special evening, and the dish ranked right up there with anything we had on the road. I promise to include the recipe.

Phyllis and Pam

2 thoughts on “Eating While Traveling

  1. So glad you came south – thanks for making the effort. We loved having you here to see us “in context” and the road trip was fantastic. Can’t believe how much we packed into a week! It was great spending extended time with you, meandering, seeing new places, and catching up. And now here are all these photos and notes to reminisce! Love you, Phyllis

  2. for Phyllis: You and Art are the best hosts — not surprising — and you will be my roadie buddy for life! We are great traveling together, which doesn’t always happen with friends who have very different rhythms or interests. I think what clicked best is that we both have that sense of going with what seems interesting at the moment, like the trip to Central State Hospital. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that, even though we didn’t get inside the buildings. Probably for the best — leave the mold and fungus and critters in peace.

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