Returning to South Carolina

On Saturday Phyllis and I are back at her home near Myrtle beach, and we are headed to Brookgreen gardens, where she volunteers. We’d intended to go on our way to Savannah, but were rained out. Later on Saturday Phyllis and Art are dropping me at an airport hotel in Wilmington, N.C., and my flight back to Seattle begins early on Sunday morning.

I’ll have more to write about upon my return — the foodie blog which I’ve promised several times now, and more reflections on what we’ve seen and done. I’m here because I care about Flannery O’Connor’s work and it was worth a pilgrimage to see where she grew up, lived, and died. Phyllis is here because she cares about me. That kind of friendship calls for a reflection. This was my first deeper dip into Southern culture, and the stereotypes seem in part true: people from Georgia are gracious and friendly. And, some of them are still litigating the Civil War. Our tour guide made it clear that if just a few things had gone the other way, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida could have made a go of the Confederacy. You know my Evil Twin rose to the bait on that one, and only my conviction that when you are a guest in another part of the country you hold your tongue kept me quiet and at least outwardly respectful.

As you can tell, some parts of Southern culture were very appealing and some not. I should also say that Southerners could care less what people from the North think of them, and that’s appropriate and no less true the other way around.

So, more to come. Hope you’ve enjoyed coming along on the trip with me, and the break from my writing about Trump.

2 thoughts on “Returning to South Carolina

  1. I have enjoyed being along for the ride. What a unique opportunity to follow the footsteps of a favorite author. I loved the picture of you sitting on the porch with the woman who knew Flannery O Connor. I agree with Katie…such fun for both of you. Safe journey home.

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