Andalusia Farm: House and Grounds

Flannery was 25 when she came back to live at Andalusia; Regina was in her mid-50’s. Regina had to run the large farm house and all the outbuildings, plus operate the working dairy farm, manage the help, and take care of her very ill daughter. They went into Milledgeville for daily mass, skipping only when Flannery was bedridden with a lupus flare. When Flannery died Regina was almost seventy, eager, I imagine, to leave all that work behind.

Each of these places on the farm will remind Flannery readers of multiple stories — and actually being there made the stories come to life in just the way I hoped. I almost expected to see Flannery, or her ghost, come out and sit with us on the front porch.

Flannery was very proud of the Hotpoint refrigerator in the farm kitchen, which she bought after selling a short story.

In addition to peacocks, chickens, geese, and various other fowl, Flannery kept a pair of swans. They lived in the pond below the farmhouse.

Phyllis grew up on a farm, and she was very comfortable on the porch of an outbuilding.

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