Andalusia Farm: Arrival

I’ve wanted to visit Andalusia for the longest time.  Many authors rely strongly on a sense of place in their writing, and as Flannery herself said, “Everyone is local somewhere”. But her best stories, written after she had to return to rural Georgia because of lupus, are uniquely set on Andalusia Farm.

If you know any of Flannery’s work, this road up to the house will trigger images from multiple stories.

Once we arrived, I found on the porch an 82 year old volunteer who was a college student and met Flannery when she visited her alma mater, Georgia State College for Women, in the 1950’s. I had no idea anyone who knew Flannery, who’d now be in her early 90’s, might be still alive. What an unexpected gift.

2 thoughts on “Andalusia Farm: Arrival

  1. Indeed, what a gift for both of you. I suspect that she enjoyed meeting you with your knowledge, admiration, and appreciation of the works of this wonderful author.

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