Comfort Inn

In Savannah we stayed in Roussell’s Garden B&B, a lovely Victorian home in the  historic district. Lots of charm, great location, abundant home cooked breakfast — but several steep steps to reach the porch, then 21 steps to the second floor bedrooms, and the need to step in and out of the old clawfoot bathtub to use the shower. Internet slightly dodgy in my second floor bedroom, better on ground floor near the router. Fan in my room, but no air conditioner. Funky old key that I had to jiggle around to get to work.

I made the Milledgeville plan, and we’re in a Comfort Inn & Suites on the tacky side of Milledgeville along highway 441, mixed in with WalMart and a big tire store and every variety of fast food emporium that you can imagine. Pawn shops, check cashers, and a vape shop. Flannery, I suspect, would be horrified at what has happened on the four mile strip of road from town to the turnoff to her farm. Then she’d write a scathing story about it. But the rooms are huge, there is an elevator to the second floor, it has a pool and workout room, and the internet is free and fast. Air conditioned. Free hot breakfast, which probably means one of those self-turning waffle machines.

The best part of the Comfort Inn is that Anadalusia Farm is right across the highway. I can see the sign from the window of my room. When we arrived on Wednesday the farm was closed, with a gate about 50 feet in and a prominent “No Trespassing” sign. If I’d been alone I’d have hopped the fence and walked in, so eager am I to be at the farm. But Phyllis been the best of all traveling companions, and I thought I’d avoid having to ask her to bail me out if they had security cameras and the police came roaring up.

The farm is open Thursday through Sunday, so we’re there today.

Here is a building in downtown Milledgeville, that would have been there since Flannery’s time.

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