Savannah B&B

We’re staying in a lovely B&B in the old historic district of Savannah. Phyllis made the arrangements here. I did Milledgeville, and we’re staying in a Comfort Inn. I’m feeling overly practical.

We arrived around 4pm, in time to explore the Victorian house, get settled in, and go down to the riverfront for dinner.  Even without a reservation, this isn’t peak tourist season and we scored a patio table without any trouble. We shared several appetizers, and the meal was an auspicious start to our vacation.

Chart House.

Gardens, B&B.

My bedroom, B&B.

Living room, B&B.

Living room, B&B.

Dining room, B&B.


4 thoughts on “Savannah B&B

  1. for Joyce: Our Rochester home was built in 1929, and not nearly as grand as this. I know what it took to keep that up. Can’t imagine what this one takes, and yes, it is gorgeous.

  2. Love the B&B, so elegant and Victorian. Just beautiful. e stayed in a lovely, historic B&B on one of the squares when Savannah. Enjoy. Let us know what you have for dinner.

  3. for Katie: We’ve had wonderful food, as you can imagine. Will write a foodie post for tomorrow — thanks for the prompt!

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